Beyond Her Faults is For Every Woman

Beyond Her Faults is For Every Woman

Ever been tempted to pretend you’re ok when you know it’s not the truth? And before you say it, yes I know you have your reasons. But guess what? Your personal reasons won’t help change what is going on in your life. What if I told you that grace is calling your name? That God looked down and picked you out of a lineup of other unworthy sinners and is offering newness? Well, it’s true. Despite your imperfect past, there is purpose inside you that leads to divine destiny. However, you must be willing to admit where you truly are and how you truly feel. You cannot receive healing until you have decided to get into the position to both pour and receive. You must empty yourself of the feelings that are causing spiritual hindrance so that you may receive what God has for you.

     A confessing heart is a beautiful thing and the sooner we as women realize this, the sooner we will be heading towards overall spiritual betterment. If God can heal me, then why would I not want to share this with other women so they too can seek healing? Far too many of us are walking around broken, hurting, frustrated, angry, fearful and all else because of a personal decision to hold on to the feelings that we need to let go. If no one else has told you that it’s time to let it out, then I am here to relay the message; let it out!

God Deserves Your Honesty

     The only way for your feet to meet the path that leads to healing is, you must be honest with God. A big part of my inspiration to write Beyond Her Faults was my determination to live in the light instead of hiding in the shadows. Well, because God is omniscient he already knew I was struggling and why, but he still waited on me to come and talk to him. I wanted to stop being afraid of my past. I wanted to stop being afraid of what people knew about me and how they thought of me. And I wanted to stop being afraid of admitting that I wanted better for my life. So, I had to make the decision to be honest and admit to God that I was not ok and that I wanted other women who were not ok to also respectfully speak up. I wanted them to know that God would not be upset with them if they chose to express their true feelings. 

     Can I share something with you? The Lord loves to sit and listen to the truth pouring from the heart of his daughters. I believe that it was only when I decided to be honest both with myself and God, that is when I received my assignment to create this journal that highlights 30 specific struggles that a wide variety of women may face. There are women across the globe who need God’s help and may not know how to reach him. Sometimes a spiritual fire-starter is needed to set things in motion. This is for the women who need an advocate to lead them to the One who offers healing and grace. Someone to invite others to join in prayer to lift-up the needs of other women. That someone in this case just so happens to be me.

     Of course, I had all the same “Lord what if?” questions that many others would have had, but I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to do this. That I needed to do this. Far too many times I have sat wishing I had someone to help me get my broken self to the altar of the Lord. Someone to tell me I was going to be alright. Someone who would not give up on me because I fell into sin. Someone to remind me how much God still loved me and wanted me. That he had a purpose for my life that was far greater than I could ever have imagined. Why would I not want to help someone else get to God if I have the means? I'm not saying that I didn't have help. I had quite a few sisters in the Lord to help strengthen me. But I also had to know that they were not always going to be around and that I needed to know how to take the training wheels off and seek God for myself as well.

Why You Need This Book

     If you’re tired of all the Christian cliches that sound good but aid in masking the problem, then you need this book. If you are done with faking it until you make it, then you need this book. If you are tired of feeling like you can’t trust anyone to keep your secrets, then you need this book.  Beyond Her Faults intrigues the mind and prompts the readers to release, search, and highlight areas in their own lives that need attention. It lets women know that they do not have to pretend or hide their true feelings. That’s too much work! And although every woman’s journey to inner healing will be different, it is the same God who heals us all. I am a living witness of his healing power and I would like all women to one day be able to stand up and be witnesses too.

     So what inspired me to create this prayer journal? I wanted to do something not so traditional. Most journals follow the same pattern and that's ok. But I wanted to stand out from the rest and do something a little more interactive and practical. I wanted to write things that was sure to get women thinking, and I wanted that thinking to turn into an outpouring of both prayer and reflection. I wanted to write things that women were sure to relate to, whether it be their own experience, or the experience of someone they know. I wanted to provoke women to be honest, to have compassion, and to pray for their fellow woman as well as for themselves.

     For years I've heard it being said that women just don't support one another enough. Well that's not the whole truth because there are plenty of women who don't mind helping out. I would really like for the women who feel this way to lose that mentality. I want them to be optimistic enough to know that it is possible to find new, healthy, exciting, and great connections with other women. But everything starts with us. Dig in, pour out, be healed! 

5 Affirmations To Help You

Let's be realistic, you will not always be surrounded by others who can affirm you. This is why it's important to know how to affirm yourself. Affirmations are a great way for us to get into the habit of encouraging ourselves, especially in the Lord. Your personal relationship with God will be instrumental in the implementing of these personal declarations, seeing as though they will be based on your belief in him. Here are five affirmations that can serve as great starting points in your healing journey:
  1. I believe that God loves me
  2. I believe God hears my prayers 
  3. My life is blessed!
  4. My best is good enough
  5. I am free to walk in my purpose

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**Scriptural Inspiration for this blog post

Isaiah 6:8, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1 John 1:9, Jeremiah 17:14, Titus 2:11, Ephesians 2:8-9


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