Rise Daughter Rise was founded in year 2013 by Emma Young, and began as an idea of writing online Christian based inspiration designed to encourage the lives of hurting women. However, as time progressed it was declared that this inspirational arsenal is beneficial to all women. Strong women need a place to refuel themselves as well, once they have spent time using their gifts to pour into the lives of others. 

Believing that a woman's mental and spiritual health is vital to her well-being, in June year 2019, Emma launched an online survey titled “Getting to Know You.” A total of 131 women across the region of Ohio participated and the stats of this anonymously submitted survey revealed that out of this small group, fifty-seven percent of them had suffered with depression at some point in their lives. Now imagine for a moment if 1,000 or more women had taken this survey. This is why healthy spiritual connections are important. There are women all across the globe who need the Lord's help as well as those who just want to be refreshed by the cooling sensation of living waters springing forth from the bellies of God's daughters.


The word of God says “If your gift is to encourage, be encouraging” so for those of us who are in a good space, why not share our strength with women who need a little help standing tall? Or, for those who are just looking for an extra dose of inspiration? We do this through community outreach and other fellowship opportunities that spread the love of Jesus Christ. As kingdom women, helping others become spiritually healthy by sharpening them for excellence is how we inspire the world one woman at a time.