Once Upon a Side Chick Has Landed!

Once Upon a Side Chick Has Landed!

Once Upon a Side Chick is a story that will tap quite a few women on the shoulder. In fact it's a story that showcases the example of when love does not actually save the day, but instead allows the unthinkable to happen. The title alone already states the obvious right? While it is true that not all women have been in this position per se, it can be said that many can identify one feeling that they have in common with the main character. And that feeling is pain! In the not so magical land of love and relationships, life can take some of the worst turns leaving behind devastation, agony, and defeat. This pretty much describes the unraveling of Kassie's life the moment she found out that her man Myles, was not actually hers at all. He was married to a woman named Loraine. 

     With its official February 2, 2024 debut, this story begins with a heartbreaking sneak peek followed by a knock-out introduction. Both of these give the readers a glimpse of the dark side of Kassie’s mentality as she experiences the opposite side of joy, followed by a torrential stream of verbal clapbacks. The opening scene takes place in a car outside of Myles's home where Kassie sits and bitterly expresses her distaste for married men along with her exhaustion of their excuses when it comes to accountability. I believe there is a good percentage of women in the world, who have gone down this path that will agree with Kassie. These women have had it with the men who refuse to acknowledge the part they played in not only triggering emotional disruption, but also, their hopes of monogamy with these same men. Who wants to knowingly or unknowingly share the man they love with someone else? Kassie's answer to this is, “not me!” Not to mention, does anyone else realize how potentially dangerous such a situation poses? This is not just in terms of the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease, but also life threatening to the point of possibly being physically hurt by the significant other or vice versa. We hear of these types of things on the news all the time do we not?

     Readers will see that Kassie's journey was indeed a tough one. From her yo-yo emotions clouding her judgement to the exploring of her own weaknesses, it's good to see that she was still unwilling to continue to set herself up for failure. It is also a good thing that not only were Kassie's friends in agreement with her but they had something even better in mind. Collectively they decided they were not going to allow the bad guy to get away this time. They were going to be sure that Myles's glass house would come crashing down right before his very eyes. His turmoil was going to happen in such a way that even he would question what was actually happening. This is one of the things that makes this story so intriguing. The revenge plot had a few twists of its own that will leave the reading audience with enlarged eyes and jaws dropped to the floor. But you all will need to buy the book and see what happens for yourselves.

     This story has already received a few five star reviews from women who have read it and enjoyed it. One person contacted me privately and expressed how beautifully done the story was. She even admitted to tearing up herself as she watched Kassie's emotional breakdown upon discovering Myles's marital status. I hope to be reading and responding to more of you ladies' reviews soon! Click the link below to get your hands on a copy of this book today!

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