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Rise Daughter Rise

Beyond Her Faults (From Scandalous to Grace)

Beyond Her Faults (From Scandalous to Grace)

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If you are looking for a journal that is relevant to the challenges we face in life, and inspires you to express your true feelings, then look no further. This content infused journal is sure to enhance your private moments with God by leading you to pour out what's truly in your heart so that your healing journey may begin. We travel down 5 Roads:

1. Frustration Avenue

2. Confession Boulevard

3. Sick & Tired Street

4. Headstrong Terrace

5. Perseverance Parkway

These roads contain hit titles such as,

I Can't Believe I'm Stuck Here

Always a Girlfriend Never a Bride

When Loving Me Wasn't Easy

just to name a few. There is also a reflection section and inspirational corridor at the end of each road as well as a bonus prayer section in the back of the book. This journal makes the perfect Christmas, birthday, or other special gift idea to the special women in your life.

 Size: 6"x 9"     

Color: Pink & White     

Page Count: 190  



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