Rise Daughter Rise Unveils New Product Line

In my pursuit to continue creating unique inspirational products for women consumers, I introduce to you the All Things She collection. This product line consists of materials that include both audio and written inspiration in their designs. The first release of this collection that is due to launch by mid-October 2022 are the theme lined notebooks. These are not your average notebooks so if your looking to enhance your personal at home collection, then you’ve come to the right place. I mean who doesn’t like notebooks right? These 12 beauties are hand-crafted keepsakes produced with quality materials. They each include two inspiring audio messages via QR code, on both the inside front, and back covers as well as other features designed to enhance your writing experience. New products will be added to this collection as they become available. In the meantime, get ready to enjoy inspiration like you never have before. Next-level inspiration at its best!

The second release of this collection due to launch in early November is the NEW 2023 Inspirational Wall Calendar. Each month has its own audio message that is segmented into 4 inspirational themes for each quarter of the new year. It also engages the listener’s participation by inviting them to the Rise Daughter Rise social media platforms to share their thoughts about the different topics discussed. This calendar is sure to have everyone talking about its unique way of expression and encouragement. 

While I am constantly looking for ways to inspire others, my inspiration for creating this new product line was just me wanting to give the women something different. I’ve been told many times that my voice has a way of delivering smooth, soothing inspiration so imagine my excitement when I discovered a way to get it out to the world via tangible materials! By merging audio and written materials together I’m hoping that the women will just enjoy the transparency that my audio messages give and are encouraged to seek healthier mental and spiritual lifestyle changes.